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EmergentStrengths’ Live Your Strengths Program

Live Your Strengths is our flagship program. It is delivered in five sessions and is designed for parishes and organizations to help their members discover who they are and what God is calling them to do. The program helps participants to take what they learn about themselves and others to become more engaged in their parish or organization with a deeper sense of belonging and purpose.

It begins with a the three-hour introductory session that focuses on the building blocks of all EmergentStrengths Programs: Gallup’s CliftonStrengths™ talent assessment integrated with an Ignatian Spirituality-based approach. Participants experience together how unique each one of us is and learn the tremendous impact these insights can have on them personally – and the parish as a whole.

Sessions two through five are 90 minutes long and delivered in a small-group setting. As participants deepen their understanding and appreciation of their own God-given talents and those of others, the program builds on each session to help:

  • Identify what specifically makes us so incredibly unique;
  • How to become more aware and leverage the talents of others;
  • Apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations;
  • Explore how God places within each of us a calling to serve others and the Church, and then;
  • Develop their own personal Strengths mission statement that describes, in their own words, who they are, their unique contribution and value, what motives them and ultimately what they are going to do.

Each program is customized to the organization, its values and objectives, the participants and their specific outcomes.  If, for example, the participants are ministry leaders then the focus is on leadership, team engagement and teamwork.  If the participants are team members the focus is on team building, maximizing effectiveness and valuing each other.

To date almost 200 people from more than 20 organizations have taken the Live Your Strengths program.


The following programs and workshops are built on the experience of the Live Your Strengths Program. These programs also use the CliftonStrengths online assessment, prayer, and meditation.  Each is customized for the particular organization and/or group.

Team Building

Ok – you managed to get a group of people together to be part of the parish council or ministry team…but are they really working well together or, the energy and creativity you had hoped for just isn’t there. Let’s look at your team dynamics and how they work together to create a charged up council that seeks to set your parish on fire!! (no pyromaniacs please)

Becoming the Best Version of Me

We’ll be tapping more into your personal/particular strengths to help you become more of who you would like to be. This full-day workshop focuses on your talents and how, specifically, by intentionally applying your skill, knowledge, experience, and desire to turn them into Strengths. Discover what elements are missing and how you might fill those gaps to pump up your Talents. Learn how you can bring them to life by applying them in your environment: family, parish, or work. In this workshop, you will take your Strengths Mission Statement and create an action plan to create a stronger, even more, successful you. 10-person maximum. (5 hours)

Your Leadership ‘DNA’: How to Effectively Lead – Your Way

“Tag, you’re it!” should not be what qualifies you to be the ministry leader but sometimes it happens. Now what? Discover how your Talents are your lens and filter on the world – including your leadership perspective and style. We will take a fresh look at you – and your ministry, then look at different ways that you can perform at your best. Based on your parish resources and bolstered by the strengths of its members, we will get your ministry to the level of evangelization and discipleship that you have always hoped for. (5 hours)

Young Adults: Who am I and where am I going!

You need not worry so much about where you are going as long as you are moving forward. We will look at getting to know who you are and who you are not, and what God may have in store for you. Learn where to invest your time and energy in ways that leverage the person God made you to be. This is a Friday evening to Sunday morning retreat stacked with song, fellowship, and activities so that you can see yourself joyfully.

Powerful Pairs: A program specifically for couples

“You were married to complement each other, not compete against each other.” This workshop will have couples laughing at their complementary strengths and loving each other more for them.” Learn strategies and approaches to strengthening your union by valuing each other even more. Come together to get to know each other like you never have before. (5 hours)

In addition to our Strength programs…

Taking the Pulse of the Parish: how engaged are your parishioners?

Through careful research, the Gallup organization has designed a census-style survey — the ME25 Member Engagement Survey — that captures important information about the spiritual health of faith communities. Spiritual health drives other factors in faith community life, including attendance and financial commitment.
Let EmergentStrengths help you use this amazing tool that helps measure, manage, and maximize the engagement of each member of the faith community.
We will assist:

  • in the initial administration of the ME25 to establish a baseline engagement metric
  • in the interpretation of the scorecard
  • in the creation of transformational action plans aimed at increasing engagement
  • in implementing those action plans
  • with follow-up administration of the ME25 to assess the impact of those action plans on spiritual commitment and outcomes

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