Live Your Strengths – Online

As you deepen your understanding and appreciation of your own God-given talents and those of others, the program builds on each session to help:

  • Identify what specifically makes us so incredibly unique;
  • How to become more aware and leverage the talents of others;
  • Apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations;
  • Explore how God places within each of us a calling to serve others and the Church, and then;
  • Develop your own personal Strengths mission statement that describes, in your own words, who you are, your unique contribution and value, what motives you, and ultimately what you are going to do.

The Live Your Strengths program is a 5-session program that runs over six consecutive weeks.

Sessions run weekly in the evening from 7 – 9 p.m.  (on the day of) your choosing with a one-week gap between the 4th and 5th sessions for added discernment time.

The cost for all 5 sessions is only $199 and includes all taxes, the cost of the CliftonStrengths™ Assessment (Top 5 Strengths) or $239 (All 34 Strengths), a personalized workbook, and all facilitated sessions.

(please note: a minimum of 20 participants is required but can be from other parishes or organizations)

Contact us to schedule a Live Your Strengths program for your organization.