What People are Saying

“Today’s traditional thinking encourages a tremendous effort and focus on people’s weaknesses, the Strengths program moved me to think first on my strengths and then on others. This has helped me to better relate to others, a better understanding how their talents can help us to succeed together. This has helped me to rethink how I think of others and how I think about myself.  Barry and Elizabeth have been instrumental for me to understand the way I approach work and life situations by better understanding and leveraging my talents, and helped guide me in the way I approach my job and relationships. They motivated and coached me to bring clarity to my strengths. A fantastic experience, thank you!” 
Joseph L.

“The Live Your Strengths program at our parish offers us a very concrete way in which we can be disciples of Jesus in our parish and beyond, and live the Gospel in our families, our workplace, and the community.  It gives people a reason to pause in their busy lives, reflect on how they have been created, be grateful for their gifts, and begin to further discern how they can become more fully alive in the exercise of their gifts in simple but concrete ways. In other words, we begin to live out the purpose for which we were made.” 
Fr. Dominic Barber, Pastor, St. Patrick’s Parish, Markham ON

“The program’s sessions we’re very engaging and allowed me to gain more self awareness and discover my mission in life based on my top five strengths. I was also enlightened by the personal sharings of other people in our group. I would recommend this workshop to my family and friends.”
Floro S.

After having taken Barry and Elizabeth’s Gallup Strengths workshop, I gained a new level of insight into my own personal strengths and motivations. As highly skilled instructors, Barry and Elizabeth expertly guide you through the background, foundation and principles of the Strengths program, however it was their personal connection with the subject matter and the beautiful meshing of their teaching styles which lead the participants into a whole new level of self-understanding. I highly and enthusiastically recommend taking Barry and Elizabeth’s course, be it at the beginning, middle or autumn years of your life. But be fully prepared to emerge a changed person (for the better I must add).
Barbara M.

“A very positive and energizing experience. Because we explored our God-given talents, I was reminded of my true strengths and the reason that I’m involved in ministry in which I have been led. Another impact is that we recognize that we need the gifts of others and that it isn’t a sign of weakness to need others – we are not called to minister alone. We are called to minister in community. That is a very affirming recognition.”
Kevin D.

“I had the distinct pleasure of learning from Barry and Elizabeth as they taught the Gallup strengths course at our parish in 2018. If you want instructors who truly “get it” then look no further than Barry and Elizabeth!  Their friendly and approachable style encourages full participation in the program, and their true passion for helping people discover their hidden strengths is evident throughout the program. Unlike other courses, what truly differentiates them is their ability to not just disseminate valuable information, but they enable you with the means to implement and integrate these strengths into your life and career. I have found solid improvements in both my personal and work lives by utilizing what I learned during this course. If you’re looking to make a difference within your organization, then give Barry and Elizabeth a call!”
Rand C.

“I just completed the Live Your Strengths Program at St. Patrick’s Parish, led by Barry and Elizabeth and it was spectacular! Understanding my top five strengths made a real difference in my life, but understanding how to use them effectively and how they can be misused has made an incredible difference in my life. I highly recommend this program to everyone, regardless of age or stage in life. Barry and Elizabeth are outstanding leaders. They are so passionate and patient, and truly inspirational!”
Carol D.